Hi, I’m Jasmin.

A writer and editor with more than two decades of publishing experience, I have a bachelor of science in animal biology from the National University of Singapore and a master of science in biomedical journalism from New York University.

Until 2017, I was the founding managing editor of Ecouterre, an ethical-fashion website that was not only regarded as groundbreaking in 2009 but also gained a significant following in its seven-plus years of existence.

I juggled a coterie of stringers, packaged stories, managed multiple forms of social media, played graphic designer, dispatched a weekly newsletter, and spoke at length at a number of expert panels. (Here’s one I did with H&M and Vogue.)

In 2015, I received an award for my work. 🎉🎉🎉

My passions and expertise include the apparel industry’s social and environmental impact, fibers and textiles, fashion history, and wildlife science. Biomaterials are my jam.

I’ve also written about retail insights, technology, climate change, astronomy, comic books, and green design and architecture.

Fun fact: The New York Times once quoted me as an expert on ethical pet ownership.

As a former copy editor for publications such as Computer Shopper and Print, I value the important of crisp, clean, yet comprehensive prose. (The Oxford comma is my ride or die.)

I live in northern New Jersey with my husband, daughter, two cats, and, to my infinite despair, several metric tons of LEGO.

Need someone to craft a lively, compelling story? Let’s talk.